Thursday, May 5, 2011

The goal Premium Class, Sony Launches Vaio Z

The high demand for homeland notebook computer to make the players compete to remove the latest innovation to attract consumers. Call it, PT Sony Indonesia launches new Vaio series notebooks Z.

Launch Vaio Z series is a form of Sony's commitment to jazz up the PC market in Indonesia. Through this new product, Sony hopes to boost its market share. Recognized by Satoru Arai, President Director of PT Sony Indonesia, share Sony notebook market in Indonesia is still small.

"We therefore tried to launch new products to explore the market here by introducing our products. This is one of our strategies to improve the market," said Satoru after product launch Vaio Z Series, Tuesday (07/26/2011).

For your information, the Vaio Z Series notebook aimed at the premium class that focused on the area of ​​Jakarta, Surabaya, Semarang, and major cities in Indonesia.

Products offered Vaio this time relying on the use of additional battery with battery life up to 13 hours. While the durability of the internal battery for 6.5 hours. Not only that, the advantage of high-definition web camera is supported by Exmor technology commonly used in digital cameras so that the results more clearly.

Weighing less than one kilogram, notebooks from Sony Vaio Z Series priced at Rp 27 million. As for the additional battery sold separately for Rp 2,000,000. The plan, the Vaio Z series will soon be marketed from the end of July 2011 at the outlets owned by Sony in big cities in Indonesia.

Meanwhile, Product Manager of PT Sony Indonesia, Leo Marathon adds, Sony's market growth during January-June 2011 at 30 percent for the PC market in Indonesia. "Even we project until the end of the year could exceed the current market growth," he added.

Rumble in the MSI Windpad Enjoy Entertainment Series

Is the tablet currently available sufficient to meet your entertainment needs? If not, MSI Windpad Enjoy Series might be an alternative option. Manufacturers from Taiwan is introducing two models respectively 7 and 10 inches.

The first is the gaming entertainment. MSI and Gameloft are working together to put up some of the popular video game. Users of this tablet can play race car and use the tablet as a tool of control. Users can also compete virtually anytime, anywhere, and with Wi-Fi connectivity, up to 4 devices at once.

Second, the musical entertainment. Enjoy WindPad Series Tablet is accompanied SoundHound Song Recognition Software that is not only able to find a song on the Internet, but also able to identify the artist name and song title when you mention it and the song when you menyenandungkannya. In addition, the device is also able to present some information related to the song like the name of the singer and Music Videos on Youtube, like having a personal music library.

MSI WindPad Enjoy Tablet also comes with multimedia applications and e-book, so that users can still be online while watching TV and downloading favorite novel. In dalmnya already installed applications Aldiko, enables users to download and compile e-books, including a classic book, Emma and Pride and Prejudice.

There is also Fugoo Interactive Television Software can integrate Digital TV, Video, Internet, and other events program that can be downloaded to your computer with ease, and users can perform searches simply by entering a keyword. This device also makes it easy to personalize the program and users can connect to the popular community site where users can share information about favorite television shows.

Integrating Business and Entertainment

Everyone, not uncommon to have a business problem, such as email, financial reporting, and client presentations, which must be completed while outside the office. With WindPad Enjoy Tablet, which has the capability of wireless connectivity to print documents using a projector and wireless, so as to improve the performance of the presentation.

Enjoy WindPad Yozo Series comes with software that combines the capabilities of Office for word processing, spreadsheet and presentation creation into one device with the interface very easy to use. You can edit, read and add a new fail in WindPad Enjoy Series as easily as you do on your PC Desktop or Notebook. By using WindPad Enjoy Series, helps you to solve all business needs.

Moreover, MSI also has Bluetooth and Smart Media Link, so that all the multimedia device that has a DLNA standardization, such as a large-sized LCD TVs, to connect with WindPad Enjoy Series for synchronization. Enjoy WindPad tablet also offers the ability to print documents wirelessly with a printer connected in a local wireless network (WLAN)

Both tablets come with futuristic style and equipped with latest hardware and software. The architecture of hardware and software installed in it makes it possible to make it as a device Digital Life. The color is dark metallic luster, also with a design that makes it easy to grip.

These tablets using Cortex-A8 processor 1GHz CPU, Google Android 2.3 OS, G-Sensor, and ALS. In 7 paired MSI WindPad Enjoy a 7-inch screen size, 800x480 multipoint touch screen control and a weight of only 395gr, while the MSI Enjoy 10 has a screen measuring 10-inch screen with 1024x768 multipoint touch screen control and weighs only 648gr.

MSI WindPad WindPad Enjoy Enjoy 7 and 10 have slots for I / O devices are complete, including Micro-SD Card Reader, mini-USB, and mini-HDMI, so that gives you the ability to connect this device with other devices such as projectors, mouse, and keyboard. In fact, you can also play videos on a TV screen that supports Full HD using a mini-HDMI is already available on this device. So it can be said of this device can deliver great entertainment with a small size.

WindPad WindPad Enjoy Enjoy 7 and 10 has two 2-megapixel camera in front and behind. The camera on the front paired with the software to communicate in real-time (Skype Video Call Version) that allows you to meet greetings with friends, family and business associates in cyberspace. While the camera on the back you can use to capture all the important moments in the form of photographs and video.