Monday, July 4, 2011

This Tablet Computers for Infants and Children

Having a tablet computer as well as supporting the work of parents to children may be a challenge since they are not a good combination.

Children are attracted to the light released tablet computer while the products purchased are sometimes not equipped with the ability to withstand the impact of such a child is dropped, stepped on, until the watering due to being bitten.

Gaps were manipulated by Rullingnet Corporation to produce a tablet computer for the kids Vinci released at a price of 400 U.S. dollars this month. The design was very friendly for toddlers, ranging from brightly colored handles made ​​from versaflex commonly used in the health world. Used are also made ​​of glass with glass windows. These products also qualify for safety standards for baby toys.

Behind the appearance of child-friendly, it also should not be underestimated jerohannya. Screen with a diagonal length of 7 inches it supports multitouch features, with the Cortex A8 processor 1 Ghz and 512 Mb memory. Embedded operating system is Android 2.3 and equipped with cameras and microphones to support the hobby cuap-cuap children.

One more relief from this product feature is the absence of internet connection via 3G or Wifi, so there are no more children one dial so that downloading any content. Manufacturers are also seriously working on content for the tablet was a child-friendly. Perhaps interested?

Slide Nokia, Apple Producers 'Smartphone' Biggest

Product sales of smart phones (smartphones) made by Apple Inc. and Nokia Oyj Samsung surpassed for the first time. According to Strategy Analytics, Apple is now the largest smartphone manufacturer to control 18.5 percent of global smartphone sales in the second quarter.

While Nokia, must go down two levels to the third position of the first rank. The position of the Finnish manufacturer of smartphones just under the Samsung, after its market share shrank from 38.1 percent to 15.2 percent. Samsung in second place with 17.5 percent market share.

"Shifting the smartphone market has been going on since the introduction of the iPhone. Until now, Nokia has not been able to find the answer," Leon said Cappaert, Fund Manager of KBC Asset Management in Brussels.

Global handset sales to grow 13 percent or 361 million units in the last quarter. While the smartphone sales grow to 76 percent. Total sales of mobile phones with computer like capabilities in running the application and play the media has reached 110 million units.

Although its market share fell to its lowest since 1999, Nokia remains the world's largest mobile phone manufacturer. Overall, Nokia is still good at 24.2 percent market share. Samsung's 19.2 percent, while Apple just 5.6 percent.

Although still the ruler of the mobile phone market, Nokia's market share fell in the quarter, from 34.7 percent last quarter. Nokia's share price was slightly offset about 4.06 euros in Helsinki trading.

Meanwhile, iPhone sales rose to 20.3 million units last quarter. The increase is much driven by growth in overseas markets, especially China. Company based in Cupertino, California, this is getting most of the revenue sources of the iPhone.

Citing Bloomberg data, these products accounted for 46.6 percent of Apple's revenue. To maintain its market share, according to anonymous sources, Apple intends to issue a new series of iPhone sooner or September, this new iPhone will have a more advanced camera features.

By contrast, Nokia's first decline in quarterly reports since 2009, after sales slumped following the consensus cell phone to switch to use Microsoft Corp. software. Nokia Chief Executive Officer Stephen Elop, too, were preparing a new mobile phone models based on Windows Phone.