Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Advantage of Using ActiveX in your Web Content

For people who do not understand about IT, the word ActiveX might sound unfamiliar. ActiveX is a set of technologies made by Microsoft that can be employed to allow the interactive content used in the World Wide Web. You can click here to update activex. The existence of ActiveX gives a great contribution towards IT. Before its existence, web content experienced static development with only 2-dometional text and graphics. The web content gives interactive objects, multimedia effects, and modern application which give the users high quality of experience comparable to CD-ROM titles. The ActiveX is made to be tightened to a wide range of technologies to activate the web sites.

There are many advantages of ActiveX you can get if you employ this technology to your web. First, it will attract many users to visit you web and retain them due to the interactive objects and sophisticated applications they can utilize. Second, it is used as open support for several operating systems: Windows, Macintosh, and UNIX. Third, the developers can be very productive people to employ tools they already knew such as Visual Basic, Borland C++, Visual C++, Java and many more. Sixth, the ActiveX is based on industry standard so it can be employed to support and fulfill the need of industry and marketplace standard such as Java, HTML, COM, TCP/IP and many more.

ActiveX consists of two elements: the server and client technologies. Those two elements then are divided into five parts: ActiveX Controls that provide user-friendly and interactive functions, ActiveX Documents that enable users to see non-HTML documents, Active Scripting that controls some ActiveX controls come from the browser or server, Java Virtual Machine enable certain browser to run Java and integrates it with ActiveX controls, and ActiveX Server Framework that can perform a wide range of web server-based functions.