Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Everything You Need to Know about Computer Headsets

Computers are everywhere. You can see them inside your house, inside stores, banks, establishments, schools and sometimes even vehicles. But it seems that people are still looking for more, which is why smartphones were developed.

These ‘smart’ mobile phones became very popular, especially among professionals because these devices let them use computer features without bringing a laptop or their bulky and heavy desktop computer. A few years later and a new breed of electronic gadgets swept the world by storm. These are the tablets which are like miniature computers. People take them anywhere and they are used in web browsing, watching movies, etc.

Because of these highly advanced gadgets which are mostly for entertainment purposes, computer headsets became popular once more. Obviously, gadget users would not want others to hear every word the leading actor in the film they are watching is saying. There are several types of headsets you may get for your gadget, depending on your preferences:

Wired headphones

This may be the most common type of headset for mobile computers and other electronic devices. It is usually composed of two wired ends where sound comes out, each going to one ear. These parts are covered by foam in order to protect the ear from unnecessary scratches. It also helps prevent them sound from coming out and be heard by other people around you.

Overhead headphones

Due to trends in design, a lot of people began buying overhead headphones which resemble traditional compute headsets connected to desktop computers at home or in the office. They are composed two ear pads which almost enclose each ear. These pads are connected by a bendable and adjustable stem that passes above the head from one ear to another.

Because some overhead headphones can be toppled off easily, recent models enabled the stem to be rested behind the neck, while the ear pads extend upward towards the ears. This way, even if the headset is toppled off, it would just safely land on both sides of the user’s neck.

Wireless and Bluetooth headsets

Recent developments in the field of near-field communication technology have enabled device manufacturers to create headsets which do not require wires or cords in order to play music or emit sound which come from mobile phones or tablets. Bluetooth technology and NFC became the key selling point of these devices because users would not need to deal with tangled wires before they can peacefully enjoy music or listen to the sound of the film they are watching.


Indeed, the numerous advancements and innovations in technology have enabled manufacturers to be creative and develop items which were considered impossible a few decades back. But one thing is for sure: from the computer headsets to Bluetooth and wireless ones we have today, music are indeed vital aspects in a person’s life. If you value music that much, then make sure you check out some online electronic stores. Fortunately, several minutes of internet research and a few questions from some peers can help you decide which model to buy.