Saturday, March 19, 2011

Apple iPad 2 Cancel in Japan

SAN FRANCISCO, - Apple Inc. decided to postpone the release a tablet computer iPad 2 in Japan. The move comes after State Sakura was hit by the earthquake and tsunami in the history of Japan's greatest.

The plan, Apple will launch the product anyarnya it on 25 March. According to Apple spokesperson Natalie Kerris, until now it has not determined when the time is sure to launch iPad 2.

"We delayed the launch of the iPad 2 in Japan because Japan now and our team was focused to do the recovery from the calamity that had just happened. We express our condolences as possible for Japanese people, including employees and families affected by this terrible tragedy , "said Kerris.

Besides Japan, the launch iPad 2 in another 25 countries on 25 March will be conducted as planned.

Meanwhile, Jaffray analyst Gene Munster estimates that Japan's earthquake will have an impact on Apple sales decline of 1 percent in the quarter that ended this month. However, the decline in sales in the quarter ended June will decline at least 3 percent.

In 24 Hours IE 9 Downloaded 9 2.35 million users

WASHINGTON - Microsoft's newest browser optimistic about Internet Explorer 9 can compete with its rivals. On the first day of launch, the software has been greeted enthusiastically by internet users downloaded 2.35 million times in 24 hours.

"We want to thank everyone in the world to download IE9 sleuruh and enthusiastic," said Ryan Gavin, Senior Director of Microsoft's Internet Explorer IE's official blog.

Compared to other browsers, IE9 achievement is high though not the highest. Another browser to its nearest competitor Firefox downloaded 8 million times now released version 3.0 in 2009 and 1 million times now released version 3.5.

IE9 present a new browser with a cleaner look not too many displays on-screen menu and a highlight web content. Microsoft also claimed is the most secure browser, tighter than the version being before, and fully support HTML5.

Focus tof the "Smartphone", Leave the Phone "Low End"

Although the mobile phone market to lower middle class (low end) is very high demand in Indonesia, did not make the Sony Ericsson turned away. Company merger between Sony and Ericsson that have been aged 10 years and is now focused on the smartphone products.

"Starting last year we decided not to make low-end phones. We only make the price of Rp 1 million and above," said Djunadi Satrio, Head of Marketing at Sony Ericsson Indonesia, in Jakarta, Wednesday (16/03/2011).

He explained the reason Sony Ericsson is focusing on smartphones for middle to upper market. He said the company's data shows that the trend of mobile phone sales in Asia Pacific, more than 50 percent of products sold are a class of smartphones. "We believe our strategy in accordance with the trend," he said.

In addition, clear Djunadi, Sony Ericsson now also focus on developing platform-based smartphone with Android but still will be releasing a multiplatform smartphone as its global strategy. This is also supported by trends that Android is now the largest operating in the world for smartphones.

"Today, one of our flagship product in 2011, the Xperia Arc," he said. Xperia Arc adopting Exmor technology R and Bravie Engine from Sony for the first time been opened early booking 16 March to 8 April 2011 with a price of USD 5.499 million. Following after Xperia Arc, will be present Xperia Neo and Pro. This year also was prepared to adopt the technology Xperia Play Play Station.

LG Stay Android Market to Japan

LG Stay Android Market to JapanSEOUL - LG Electronics Inc. still plans to introduce an Android-based tablet computers in Japan this month. It will still be done even though Japan is still struggling with post-disaster Settling.

"No reason to reschedule," said Ken Hong, a spokesman for LG today, Thursday (17/03/2011).

NTT DoCoMo Inc. as an intermediary LG Optimus Pad in Japan has even started taking orders since 15 March. Japan is one of the first potential market for electronic goods is 8.9-inch size.

Previously, Apple Inc. postpone the marketing plan the iPad 2 in Japan on March 25. "Not to know how long delayed," said Natalie Kerris, Apple spokeswoman.