Monday, April 18, 2011

Two New Nokia Smartphone Use Anna Symbian

Nokia E6 and Nokia X7Symbian era has not ended. Although Nokia has decided to use Microsoft's Windows Phone as homemade smartphone platform forward, a number of models with Symbian will continue to be released.

Nokia, on Tuesday (04/12/2011), introduced two new smartphones using the Symbian platform, called Anna's latest. Each Nokia E6 is designed for businesses and Nokia X7 for fans of entertainment. The second device is Nokia's first smartphone using the Symbian software with the latest updates, with new icons and improved usability, such as text input easier, faster browser, and Ovi Maps are more fresh.

"We enrich the portfolio of Nokia smartphones with the presence of two new devices, both offer a more intuitive user experience and interest, which will soon be available on Nokia N8, Nokia E7, C7 Nokia, and Nokia C6-01," said Jo Harlow, Head of Nokia's Smart Devices Business, in a press release.

Nokia E6 is the successor to the Nokia E71 and Nokia E72 are unique with a full Qwerty keyboard and touch screen high resolution. Designed using premium materials such as glass and stainless steel, this device comes in the right size for easy use with either one or two hands. Nokia E6 deliver exceptional battery life and messaging experience out-of-the-box best out of Microsoft in the smartphone business, including access to Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Communicator Mobile, and Microsoft SharePoint.

While Nokia X7 is an entertainment smartphone with 4-inch wide screen ideal for playing games and 8MP camera to take pictures and HD quality video. Nokia X7 is designed with stainless steel and glass combined with smooth, as if without a connection so as to provide a sense of solid and strong when in the clutch. Nokia X7 is loaded with many popular games, such as Galaxy on Fire HD and Asphalt 5 HD.

Angry Birds In Windows 7 Phone

Angry Birds In Windows 7 PhoneLAS VEGAS - Angry Birds, game artificial Rovio, Finland that are popular today will add a new version for the Windows platform Phone 7. Rovio and Microsoft ensure that games that use the main character of the bird will be available starting May 25, 2011.

From the beginning, it promised that Rovio Angry Birds will be available in all platforms. However, Rovio was furious when Microsoft uses Angry Birds logo on one ad smartphone Windows Phone 7. Rovio Microsoft had protested because the logo is used without permission.

Angry Birds for Windows 7 Phone will initially be launched in February 2011 then. However, the delayed tap these legal matters. Now, the dispute between Microsoft and the Rovio has ended. Microsoft officially announced the availability of certainty Angry Birds to WP7 during the event MIX 11 in Las Vegas, USA, on Wednesday (13/04/2011).

Previously, Angry Birds has become the most popular games in the iPhone and Apple iPad and Android made by Google. Rovio has released several versions of the game both standard and based on the season. Last Angry Birds Rio.

Sony Ensure Release Tablets Android Year

Sony Ensure Release Tablets Android YearTOKYO - from the Japanese electronics giant, Sony sure will release its first tablet with Honeycomb Android platform this year. As stated by chairman and CEO (chief executive officer), Sony's Sir Howard Stringer.

As reported by the Nikkei newspaper on Tuesday (03/05/2011) yesterday, Stringer said the device will be available in the market in late summer. However, he did not reveal further specifications of tablets made by Sony.

Previously, Sony reportedly menyipakan two types of devices carrying the tablets with the PlayStation brand. Each type of standard S1 and S2 type that can be folded like the iPad 2 with smart cover.

Is unclear whether the tablets made by Sony's PlayStation portfolio will be part or Vaio, which is strong enough to brand Sony notebook. Sony Ericsson is half owned by Sony so far still focus on the smartphone and there is no news going into business tablet.

Sony PlayStation Portable NGP Delayed

Sony Corp. delay the launch of the latest PlayStation, after Japan's devastating earthquake and tsunami last month. Even so, the PlayStation Portable that NGP will go on sale at the end of the year-end holiday season in one of the country.

Disasters that disrupt production has forced Sony to consider this latest version of the PlayStation launch in only one geographical area, such as Asia, Europe, or the United States. "The delay mungkan will give developers more time on the game in certain areas to complete their software," said Jack Tretton, President and CEO of Sony Entertainment, United States.

Last January, Kazuo Hirai, Sony Executive Deputy President said, NGP will give new strength. This new model has a 5-inch screen (12.7 cm) organic light emitting diodes, or OLEDs, and will offer a different application in each region. In addition, NGP has front and rear cameras and the multi-touch sensors in the rear. Sony also developed a memory format specifically for the NGP.

Apple rank 5 for smartphone

Who would have thought in the midst of the current popularity of the iPhone, Apple brand in the smartphone market was only fifth. Harris Interactive conducted the survey, branding consultant in New York, U.S., Apple's brand lost to Motorola, HTC, Sony Ericsson, and Nokia.

Brand Apple only gets a score of 59.3. Motorola at the top with a score of 64.4, followed by 60.6 HTC, Sony Ericsson 59.8, 59.5 and Nokia. The average score of various brands surveyed smartphone that is 58.9.

The survey was conducted in the U.S. to 25,055 consumers aged over 15 years between 11 January and 27 January 2011. Harris states that there were 1273 consumer brands delivered in 53 different categories including smartphones.

"Apple may get praise from the market-responsive technology, but Motorola satisfy a wider number of markets," said Jeni Lee Chapman, Executive Vice President of Brand and Communications Consulting, Harris Interactive.

These results not only represent the User smartphones only. Therefore, Harris concludes that many consumers are not interested in using smartphoen in his life, and Apple does not have the best solution for them as do other brands.

Interestingly, they are Apple was ranked second in the category of computer hardware. The first rank is held Hewlett Packard (HP) with a score of 69.9. Apple followed with a score of 68.3. Dell has been very strong in the U.S. market with penjualana much bigger than Apple in third place with a score of 64.1 percent.